Confused by state in "Getting Started" tutorial

I’m just starting to look at Camunda. I was stepping through the “Getting Started” tutorial, and got to a point where it didn’t appear to be doing what the tutorial said it should be doing.

I first noticed something was wrong when I got to the “Work on the Task” step, and there were no tasks to work on.

I then thought that perhaps I had entered user “John” (capital J) in the authorizations, so I went back and edited those and saved them.

I then got into the following state, which seems wrong to me:

I’m clearly logged in as “Demo”, but it seems to think I’m logged in as “john”. I’m not sure what’s going on here.

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Hi @David_Karr,

When you tried to login into Tasklist with the credentials john/john, have you opened a new tab or did you start a new browser session (for example in incognito mode)? Did you log out from admin before you logged in Tasklist?