Confusion: jira vs github issue

I got confused … created an issue for a camunda modeler bug in jira and then learned there already is an issue on github. I thought that github issues are only meant for community extensions. Quick check on github: platform seems to be the only repo where issues are disabled.
Is there a concept behind this? Where should I raise new issues, how can I check if I am creating a dup?


2c: I’d prefer github only …


Hi Jan,

I understand that this is confusing to users at the moment.

Rule of thumb:

  • For all projects in the Camunda Github Organization we currently use JIRA as issue tracker except for the Camunda Modeler and the community extensions.
  • For all projects in we use Github Issues
  • Jira is used for support

I am thinking about what we can do to make that better. Maybe we can have a common header in the readme of each repository which points users to the issue tracker used by the project…


Maybe we should also disable the issue tracker for projects which use jira only?

I would do the following for JIRA projects:

  • Close GitHub issues
  • Add a hint on the actual issue tracker in or the like

As a general template for my / Camunda Modeler / projects the issue tracker is linked inside a Resources section as part of the

On a site note: Do we already have the JIRA into GitHub integration enabled? Would make it easier to attach JIRA issues (i.e. from support) to Camunda Modeler commits, too.

Yes, we have JIRA into GitHub enabled for our Jira. You can view the corresponding commits for an issue in the issue when you mention the JIRA issue in the commit.

It is (since a week or so) possible to create templates for issues in GH

In the template, just mention that the tracker is Jira (maybe with a link which could pre-fill some fields of Jira’s form) and it should be obvious enough for contributors that they are not at the right place to create an issue.

Personally I think the following rule would be the easiest to remember:

  • All Camunda BPM related Issue in JIRA (including Camunda Modeler)
  • Exception:
  • project (as de-coupled upstream project for Camunda)
  • Community Extensions (as de-coupled from product)

My two cents

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Clean and easy. It would also help, if github issues were just disabled everywhere I am not supposed to use them …

Hi all,

as a follow up on this I will disable GitHub Issues on all Camunda Product Team Repositories which use JIRA as issue tracking system. I will also add an explanation and links to the forum and JIRA in the README of the projects.

This will take me some time but if you have any comments on this, please let me known.