Connect Optimze to Camunda Engine

Hi everyone,

I want to start up a Camunda Optimze instance locally to create report to an already existing Camunda application. My Camunda app is running on port 8080 and Optimize on 8090. However when I try to log in to Optimize with the defaul credentials (demo, demo), I get the following messages in the optimize.log file:

ERROR o.c.o.s.util.EngineVersionChecker - Engine didn’t respond. Can not verify this engine’s version Connection refused: connect

I use the following versions:

Camunda BPM version: 7.17.12
Camunda Optimize version: 3.10.2
Elastic Search version: 7.19.9
Spring Boot version: 2.7.12

Anyone know a fix for this?

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Hello @Matyas ,

this looks like Optimize is not able to reach the camunda rest api.

Please verify that Optimize is able to reach camunda through the provided url. Please also note that you have to provide the full path to the rest api root (including /engine-rest)


Hi @jonathan.lukas ,

Thank you for your answer.
Upon further research, I realised that the camudna engine is either not working or at a different endpoint. I have tried accessing /engine-rest, /engine-rest/engine, /engine-rest/engine/default, /rest/engine, (after http://localhost:8080); all of which return 404.

Is there another way to check whether my Camunda engine is running and if so on what endpoint?

Hello @Matyas ,

you could check the server log. The Camunda Process Engine is usually logging something on startup.

Given the fact you do not find the rest endpoint, do you use the spring boot starter rest on your project?


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