Connect Service Task to Camunda API

Hello all,
How can I send a camunda REST API query to Camuda engine?
I have a camunda service task and by using service task script I want to send a query to Camunda REST API and getting back thier execution result,
How can I do that?

@YazanAsaad Within a camunda server you can’t make rest API call. You need to utilize built-in Java API

Hello @aravindhrs
How can I do that?
Can you please explain more?

You can inject process engine services

Actually, I am very new in Camunda platfrom, are there any tutorials or videos that explain of how can I do that?

Refer this page: Scripting |

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I will try that,
thank you very much

Hello @aravindhrs
Actually it is very difficult to do that…
Can we keep in touch and can you help in that? it is very importnat to do that and I did not successed to do? I will be greatfully if I can send my BPMN example and having an assistance for doing that and explain what I’am tying to do

@YazanAsaad sure. You can upload the bpmn file

Hello @aravindhrs example.bpmn (3.0 KB)
CustomerDetailsForm.form (572 Bytes)
ProductQuantityFrom.form (836 Bytes)

The above BPMN Process is for customers details and customer enters product name and quantity, I would know whom requested USB or Mouse product as example,
for that I used POSTMAN and Camunda API to that manually, I used this query,
what I want to do is an automation service task or script that automaticlly get ProductName variable and and displaying back the customers that requested USB or Mouse or any other ProdutName that user enters, I want automatic process that gets to Camunda API and filter that process instances according ProductName and displaying back CustomerName.

Hello @aravindhrs
Actually I’am appoligizaing about disturbance, but, I would be hopefully and thankfully if you can updated me,
Thak you very much,

Hello @YazanAsaad: You should make yourself familiar with the basic concepts by using one of Camundas GetStartedGuides: Getting started with Camunda Platform | if you’re familiar to Java, if not, use an External Service Task where you can implement your logic in any programming language you prefer.
External Tasks |
Best, McAlm