Connect Throw & Catch Event with Token simulation

Hi all,
How can I connect 2 message events with token simulation? Actually, everything works fine in the code, but when I want to visualize with token simulation, it gets stuck at the ‘wait orderCreated’ task and I need to click manually.

Any assistance is really greatly appreciated! Thank you :blush:

Hi, @Quang_Thai , Welcome to Camunda Community :smile: .

You can refer the following Camunda Academy Video that illustrates a self service restaurant, which shows correlating different message events.
I have attached the BPMN file for the example shown in the video, for you to play around instantly.
self-service-restaurant (1).bpmn (25.0 KB)

Hariharan B.

Thanks for you replying. Im asking about the token simulation. I have no issue with this process :slight_smile:

That’s not actually Valid BPMN unless you’re crossing instances.
Messages MUST cross a process boundary (not simply a lane boundary)

Thanks for correcting me. I just tried using an event as another approach instead of using sequence flow. I will remove these message events. Thanks again!!

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