Connect to decision table by PHP SDK API in the Symfony2 project

I have a decision table (DMN file) and I apply this example in my Symfony2 project, but, I want use the PHP SDK API. I want a documentation about how can I connect to DMN (decision table) from PHP SDK API.
Can you help me ?

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The easiest way is to use the Camunda REST API and pass it the message you want evaluated. Then parse the response. This method works with anything that can do an HTTP POST.

An example URL:

The payload would be something like this:

                   "value":"Process has stopped",

Hi @mppfor_manu,
Camunda REST API communicate with the PHP SDK API in the Symfony2 project . The PHP SDK API is for the process BPMN. Can we use The PHP SDK API with DMN (decision table).

I’m not sure I understand your question. The Camunda REST API receives messages, I don’t think it sends messages.

As described above, you simply POST a message to the REST service using some form of HTTP client. If you’re looking for the precise method on how to do this from the PHP SDK API (with which I’m not familiar), then I can’t help.