Connecting Local Zeebe to custom tasklist application

Hi everyone,

I was looking for a solution on how can I connect with my zeebe broker which is running locally to a custom nestjs application. I am using elasticsearch exporter to export data from zeebe. Both zeebe broker and elasticsearch are up and running in local environment. Is there any way I can connect my custom tasklist application to the broker to fetch task related data?

I found some examples on GIT for how to connect but all applications are connecting to a cluster hosted on some server with credentials like

but since I am running zeebe locally I don’t have some of the details

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Your tasklist application will get all data which its needs from elasticsearch. There is no support for querying the broker by an application like tasklist.

You connect only to the broker if you want to create a new instance or complete a job.


Hi @Zelldon
Can you help me with the connection part for nestjs application and elasticsearch

@shreyasUnhale I am not an expert in NestJS but in our Node.js apps, we use the Zeebe Node.js Client to connect to the broker to create instances and complete jobs. We use the Elasticsearch Node.js Client to pull information from Elasticsearch. I published a blog post showing this combination in action last week. There are not a lot of details on how it works under the covers but I would be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also sign up for a trial and play with it yourself.

There is a Zeebe NestJS client: nestjs-zeebe - npm.

For a custom tasklist application, you have two options.

You can use the GraphQL API of Tasklist. This requires a license to use in production, and does not have lifecycle hooks (yet).

The other way to do it is to implement the entire Task List UI and lifecycle yourself, in which case you create a worker for the usertask task type (see here).