Connecting to Microsoft Teams & Slack type services

Hi Dear Camunda,

I am currently exploring posibilities to connect Camunda to “collaboration” applications like Microsoft Teams or Slack

I have found that Mircosoft Teams has connectors unfortunatelly there isnt Camunda

Do you have any experience with connecting to such services or any good advice for this path?

Thank you.


I’ve never used Microsoft Teams, but it’s got an API available then Camunda will be able to connect to it.

For what reason do you want to connect to it?

Hi @Niall

The idea is to use such tools for monitoring and kind of incident management, but it is for now just in the stage of exploring possibilities. I believe here are skilled and experienced people who might have some experience in this topic and can possibly give some advice.

Best regards,


I’ve done it with Cisco Teams, which is similar to Slack, using NodeJS and the Camunda Node library on github. Provided there’s an API then it’s easy to set up a call via NodeJS and a Camunda service task.