Connecting to postgreSQL

Hi everyone,

I have configured Camunda bpm standalone Tomcat to be run with Postgre database.
every thing seems to be ok, sample models are built and related tables in Postgre are filled with appropriate data.
but there is a problem in running camunda. The home page items are meesed up and after refreshing the page, camunda home page and tasklist no longer displayed.

Can you give more details about the details of your camunda installation and show what exactly is going wrong?
Any errors you find in the log would also be helpful.

Hi @Niall
I installed camunda standalone tomcat 7.15 and postgresql 12.6

now camunda is properly running and default deployments data like invoice sample are stored in related tables.
but now the issue is that when I deploy a process and start a process instance, no data is stored in tables and I still have sample prebuild Invoice data in the tables.
this is my server.xml file

server.xml (9.0 KB)