Connecting two DMNs programmatically in Java?

I’m using camunda-spring-boot-starter dependency and I’m able to generate the DMN DecisionTables and the output of one decision is to be used in another. I’m using InformationRequirement for the same, but when I write the model to file and open that file in modeler, the arrow is not coming for information requirement. After deploying, the decision cannot get that output as input. Is there something I’m missing? How do I provide decision output as input to another it?
InformationRequirement infoRequirement = modelInstance.newInstance(InformationRequirement.class, “info1”);

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First, is the information requirement part of the XML? If so, you may have added the requirement but not the corresponding diagram element.

Second, to access the output of a decision in another decision. You can use the ID of one decision to access its output: