Connection between two processes triggered by event signal

I created two processes. The second one (the bottom one in the picture) is started from the first process using a signal event.
My problem is, that I don’t know how to catch the connection between two process instances.

We started two instances of the first process (Word to Pdf Process). Using signal event we created two instances (automatically) of the second/bottom process (Save or Reset Process).
Now, we have two user tasks (Save or reset form) to complete from the second process.
The problem is, how can I know which user task is linked with the parent process instance (Word to Pdf Process)? To be more precise, I need to send back a signal from the “child” process to the “parent” process so the “parent” process can move on.

Thanks in advance, Domagoj.

Hello @Domagoj_Hamzic ,

the clue about the signal is that it should not know which process instance it belongs to.

A signal is a broadcast, meaning every catching signal event listening will be triggered.

What you try to achieve can be done best with a message.

The message correlation needs to be defined in your code. This correlation should be done using either a process variable or the business key of a process instance.

I hope this helps



@jonathan.lukas Thank you for the great and fast response. Cheers :slight_smile:

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