Connectors list in desktop modeler

I’m testing Camunda 8 using docker locally.
I need to test the rest API connector. Why it is not shown in task type list , as in online modeler?

My goal is very simple: make a model that calls weather api to get the temperature for certain city

I’m very new to Camunda and I’m using self-managed platform with desktop modeler.

Hey, we generally suggest that before posting, that you do a quick forum/google search I was able to find this:

TLDR: as of now you need to load your connector templates (the jsons from github) into the respective directory in order to use them with the desktop modeler.

Hi, thanks for the reply

I just did the same before reading your reply and successfuly configured it,

I’m surprised why this is not mentioned clearly in the official documentation.

@Vasil @omar-awwad


Where I should add the json files of connectors?


There is no installation required for modeler in mac os.

here is my installation for windows , it is inside the resources\element-templates ,

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According to this forum post you should use the path /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/camunda-modeler/resources/element-templates on a Mac. The Library folder might be hidden for you, so you would need to unhide it through the finder menu.


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@Vasil Thank you.

Hi @omar-awwad - it is in the documentation, but they are referred to as “element templates”, which is perhaps why it’s confusing. I do think we can add some clarification around this to make it more clear. Where do you think this information should be added? For instance, should it be under “Connectors” or under “Modeler”?

Hi @nathan.loding , thanks very much for your reply,
I suggest adding a link at the end of this page configuring-templates , that link to a github page that has the json files of the connectors ,

Also, adding a link or reference in the connectors page will help (just a link , or for more info …)

what about adding the latest connectors configuration files to Camunda Desktop Modeler itself? So when some download the desktop modeler, connectors will already exit.

@omar-awwad - we don’t add them by default to Desktop Modeler because it is used by a wide variety of users, some of whom don’t use Connectors, and many of whom are using Camunda 7 which isn’t compatible with the Camunda 8 Connectors.

I will take your feedback to our documentation team and see how we can improve the docs!