Connectors on cammunda platform 8 self-managed


I would like to use the http-connector on the camunda modeler desktop but the tab implementation is not available when my file is for camunda platform 8.

Can i use the connectors on self-managed instance ?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Yannis_Yahi,

It’s an element template that is configured in the Web Modeler. See here: Introduction to connectors | Camunda Platform 8.

You’d need to add an element template to the Desktop Modeler, I think. See here: About element templates | Camunda Platform 8

Here is an http connector for Zeebe (it might be the one used in C8 SaaS): GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-http-worker: Zeebe worker for HTTP calls



Thank you,

Hello jwulf

Recently, I conducted another research on zeebe and found the zeebe docker composition you provided, GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-docker-compose: Zeebe with Operate Docker Compose configuration Currently, due to company restrictions on Docker Compose, it is not possible to use Docker Compose. How can I deploy a single Docker container? I hope to receive your reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Hi @gaozhendong

Thank you for your inquiry. To deploy a single docker instance you may want to try the following
docker run --rm --name=MyConnectorsInstance --network=camunda-platform_camunda-platform -e ZEEBE_CLIENT_BROKER_GATEWAY-ADDRESS=zeebe:26500 -e ZEEBE_CLIENT_SECURITY_PLAINTEXT=true -e CAMUNDA_CONNECTOR_POLLING_ENABLED=false -e CAMUNDA_CONNECTOR_WEBHOOK_ENABLED=false -e OPERATE_CLIENT_ENABLED=false -e SPRING_MAIN_WEB-APPLICATION-TYPE=none camunda/connectors-bundle:latest

Ok, thank you for your reply