Continue the Process in the middle of Process

I’ve a process with start event. The middle of the process, it needs to wait till “Friday 8pm weekly” only continue the instance. How to draw in BPMN?
Please advise.

Start Event > Task > Task > “Wait till Friday 8pm, weekly” > task > end event


You can model an intermediate timer event in the process flow and use a cron expression for the timer configuration: 0 0 20 ? * FRI *

I tried using that for the moment. In console it gave me this warning message
“* It is not recommended to use a intermediate catch timer event with a time cycle.”
I thought probably got better or best practice solution :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a good point, because it will be recurring, which is not what you want. I referred to that part of the documentation because it explicitly refers to cron expressions. I’m not sure if you can also do the same for a duration or date. Obviously, you can also use one of those types, and if they don’t support cron, you can calculate the next friday 8PM dynamically for the single timer event fire.

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Thanks. It gave me sense of confident.

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