Contributing GitHub Action to deploy bpmn models and other artifacts Camunda 7

I have Published one GitHub action that can checkout your models from repo and then deploy them to your Camunda instance.
Features offered :

  • Supports multiple file formats for deployments (bpmn, dms, form, html, js)
  • Deploy Individual model file
  • Deploy Multiple files in one go / All files in a folder
  • Dynamic directory name in git repo to deploy files from
  • Support for deploy-changed-only
  • Custom Deployment name
  • Support for Basic authentication
  • Support for Auth Bearer Token (JWT)
  • Multitenant Deployments
  • Custom HTTP Headers for Apigee like gateway Authentication
  • Log Deployment Summary (Color Coded)
  • Checkout specific Tag from Git Repo for deployment

Please feel free to use and share feedback. It is available at GitHub Marketplace.

Camunda Deploy BPMN · Actions · GitHub Marketplace

I have used it against one Camunda Sandbox installation I did on and it works as expected.

Please have a look at the code if you are interested.

amardeep2006/camunda-deploy-bpmn-action: Reusable GitHub Action for deploying BPMN Artifacts to Camunda