Contributing to Zeebe community using Python and Java examples

Hi dear Zeebe enthusiasts,

I recently started using Zeebe and was impressed by its potential to grow. The forum is fantastic and the community is really helpful and driven. As an effort to try and give back to the community in the way of examples and ways to familiarise one’s self with Zeebe concepts, I have put together this sandbox looking environment using FastAPI, pyzeebe and python.

This repo explores concepts such as:

  • Deploy Zeebe workflows from .bpmn files.
  • Run workflow instances.
  • Publish messages.
  • Displaying features in Zeebe such as:
    • Message correlation.
    • Message aggregation.
    • Dynamic timers using expression language.
    • Distinction between “errors” and “failures” in Zeebe workflows and how to handle them in task exception handlers.

I hope it helps the community.

A talented and supportive colleague of mine @mahfuz has also done an example in Java which can be found here and explores similar/same concepts:

Zeebe Message Correlation Java Example

Also I would like to thank another colleague of mine Andy Challis for his ongoing support and mentorship.

Thank you


Epic! Thank you for this contribution to the community.

It would be a good idea to PR them into the Awesome Zeebe repo.



Sounds great

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@jwulf Cool!

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Thank you for the wonderful contribution, @Nima_Namjouyan! I think you would get along well with @JonatanMartens, who is the maintainer and creator of the amazing community extension Pyzeebe. :slight_smile:

On that note, if either yourself or your colleague @mahfuz would be interested in migrating your extensions to the Camunda Community Hub, we would love to have them there!