Control deployment through Process Application

Is there any way to control deployment of processes through process application?

If I have 5 processes in my application,in normal scenario process application will deploy all the processes, but if i want to deploy only few/selected processes through process application,how can i achieve this?


Hi Anjumaara,
there are number of options:

  1. use resource configuration parameter in your processes.xml (see
  2. use resourceRootPath and isScanForProcessDefinitions in your processes.xml
  3. Deploy the processes manually via Java API in @PostDeploy method of your process application

Thanks sdorokhova for your response!

I am using @PostDeploy method for this.
But, when ProcessApplication starts executing it is also deploying old processes which i have removed from my application as well as Camunda Cockpit.
Any idea where it is coming from?


  1. How you deploy your process application? Which application server are you using?
  2. How exactly did you remove processes from Cockpit?

Hi Svetlana,
Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:
@PostDeploy and @PreUndeploy resolve my issue.

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