Copy/Paste in 1.0 doesn't copy details


Camunda Modeler 1.0 new Copy/Paste feature was very expected in our team.

But we are disappointed by the fact that it doesn’t copy implementaion details (script, java delegate class and so on).

Is it bug?

Nevertheless, thank you for very good product and please keep it on!

Hello @ArtyomKosykh,

it’s not a bug. At the moment we don’t have anything planned towards copying/pasting implementation details.

We’re happy to receive a pull request for it.


Hi, we second this request - copy/paste should take also the implementation details - otherwise there’s no point in copying the element, it’s just as quick to drag it from the palette.

I have raised an ticket for tracking this.

We are not sure, when it will be addressed, so would welcome contributions ;).