Could not resolve pom from artifactory


We are using artifactory as a cache for our artifacts (pom, jar, docker, etc.).

When using the camunda nexus ee, we are getting the error below:

[ERROR] The project mu.mcb.camunda:camunda-application:1.2-SNAPSHOT (/var/vsts/_work/14/s/cam-engine/pom.xml) has 1 error
[ERROR] Non-resolvable import POM: Could not find artifact org.camunda.bpm:camunda-bom:pom:7.10.3-ee in libs-release (https://docker.digitalfactory.mcb.local/artifactory/libs-release) @ line 40, column 25 → [Help 2]

Note that in artifactory, the username, password and URL was provided.

Please help.

Hi @yuvrajkeenoo
I am facing the same problem.
Did you find a solution?

Hi, nevermind.
I solved it by using as Remote Repository Url in Artifactory.
Before I used which did’t work for me