Create a filter in tasklist that shows all tasks of a process that I started

Hi at all,

I want to create a filter that shows all tasks of a process where I am the initiator.
So for example:
I started a process. Then someone takes over the task and works on it. I want to have a filter that shows me all tasks of the process that I initiated. So even if someone else is working on it, I want to have the option to look at it.

Does anybody know how to do it? :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help.

So I guess I have one solution, I dont know if it is the nicest solution but it works:
On each task I add a listener that is called when the task is created. That listeners adds the initiator of the process as a owner to the task. Then you will need a filter that looks if the owner is the current user ("${currentUser()}").
The problem is, that there is appearing a small bug that I mentioned here: BUG - Filter: Key Owner is not working with value ${currentUser()}