Create a process definition via Java API

We currently have a custom workflow builder and engine, and we are trying to replace it with Camunda. Is there any way to create workflows (Process Definitions) via a java API? The CEO loves our workflow builder and wants to keep it, so we need a way to integrate it.

Any suggestions?

Not a problem you can generate BPMN models using the Model API.

It should be noted that this will not produce a ‚Äúdiagram interchange‚ÄĚ section so it can not be displayed - but it can be run in the engine.

At least basic support is coming with 7.7.0, see the alpha1 blogpost. You can also try out 7.7.0-SNAPSHOT for the latest and greatest.

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Do you guys know roughly when the official 7.7.0 release (not alpha) is coming out?


Better than that, we can tell you exactly - May 31, 2017.
You can find out more details on the road-map page.

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