Create BPMN automaticaly based on process definition XML

Hello! In our manufacturing company we have a lot (10K+) of different processes which are defined in our current software. To deploy them into Camunda engine we have started development of process converter which takes our software definition and outputs the BPMN file. That BPMN file usually contains from 2 main XML nodes: bpmn:process and bpmndi:BPMNDiagram. We have already implemented bpmn:process node generation which is describes the process logically, but for bpmndi:BPMNDiagram we have a huge pain - to position and layout all blocks, arrows, etc. The question: is there any tool for automatic diagram layout generation which takes process definition XML and returns diagram XML

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Hello @s_tristan ,

this sounds like you are looking for a programmatic process builder.

There is a Java Class called Bpmn (do not know the fully qualified name now), but it allows to create ProcessModelInstance objects.

I think this will do the trick, instead of implementing the bpmn xml logic yourself.

Hope this helps


Hello, Jonathan!
Thanks for the quick reply.
The problem that we are from .NET world :slight_smile: So we already have process generator. We need to complete it with diagram part using some tooling (language-independent or through REST API)

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Hi there, did you find any solution to your issue? I have the same issue :slight_smile:

Hi! Haven’t you try using chatgpt for this?

Hi Delyan!
I do it with help of chatgpt which generates xml instead of me. Still not ideal, but can be. Have u discovered some approaches?