Create button missing in Admin | Users | Groups | Filters

Hi @all

I don’t know why I’m unable to do the managerial things like create-user/update-user/create-group/update-group, etc.

Attached are the screenshots. Please help me.

@Niall can you please help me with this?

Do you see your user account in the Users list if you click on the “camunda-admin”?
I do not know how you configured the Authorizations of the “camunda-admin” group. If we assume that this group has all permissions then you need to add your user account to this group.

As well as what @Alex_Voloshyn suggested can you say if you’re using Camunda’s own tables for users and groups?

If you’re using LDAP or something like that you cannot create users and groups from camunda.

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@Alex_Voloshyn This “camunda-admin” group has all the permissions

@Niall I created the tables using the given scripts mssql_engine_7.15.0.sql, mssql_identity_7.15.0.sql

Do you see your user account in the Users list if you click on the “camunda-admin”? Could you attach a screenshot of the users of this group?

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Here you go

Just double-check, what user id do you expect to have permissions to edit users/groups - “demo” or “660”?

For the user demo

Can you confirm that the authorizations of the “camunda-admin” group look like the following?

Here it is

Do you have CORS enabled by any chance?

yes CORS are enabled. I can access all of the camunda APIs

Would it be possible to turn off CORS for the testing purposes and check if it helps?

So inside server/apache-tomcat-9.0.43/webapps/engine-rest/WEB-INF/web.xml
I just commented the CorsFilter

But nothing changed

Is there anywhere else that I need to do the changes to turn off the CORS?

Did you restart Tomcat and Camunda after the change?

Yes. first I stop the Camunda/Tomcat, then start it again.

Can you share web.xml?

sure web.xml (4.1 KB)