"Create client credentials" is greyed out after deleting existing credentials

Dear community,

I’m using Camunda Cloud Free to model our bpmn diagrams.
I intend to download svg files of our diagrams via REST.
Someone has already created client credentials but did not save the secret.
So I deleted the existing credentials and wanted to create new credentials under Organization management - Console API but the button is greyed out.

Is there any restriction that a client connection can only be created once?

Thank you for your help
Kind regads

Hi @johannes.karl, welcome to the forum! There should not be an restrictions on creating clients, other than the roles/permissions you have within your organization and cluster. What role(s) are assigned to your user?

Hi @nathan.loding ,

my user is the Owner of the whole organization and should have full admin rights.
I just tried again today but the button is still greyed out.

Hi @johannes.karl - that is strange. Can you take a screenshot? (I believe you, just need to gather as much information as I can!) I am also sending you a private message to ask for a couple more details so I can investigate.