Create Incident for technical errors

I was trying to create Incident in JavaDelegates configured in service tasks for technical errors.

Can anyone provide the valid input for the attribute configuration of type String.

It is the payload of the incident.

Do you have any sample data or example?

@Yana Thanks for the reply.

From where we will get the incident payload ? It will be retrieved from current execution and can we input to “configuration” field?

Or we have to manually input some messages?

What can be achieved using the “configuration” field???

Hi @aravindhrs,

You can choose what to put as configuration. This will be an additional information for your own.
The engine scenarios beside create a custom incident are:
When a job fails, the created incident has the job id as configuration field.
And if incident is created due to external task’s retries reached 0, than the configuration is the external task id.

Does this help?

Thanks @Yana