Create initial user in database


For a project we are setting up Camunda 7.9 through multiple environments. For configuration reasons I would like to create the initial admin user for Camunda through a database script (Oracle 18). I generated a script which should fill out all the values required, I got this script by using the create initial user page in the web UI and afterwards exporting the values in the database. However after running the script the web ui still asks me to create a default user. When doing so I receive error after error.

Any clues on how to generate the admin user from a sql script?

This is the script used:

To create user with admin previleges, below script is enough.

No need to insert data into ACT_RU_AUTHORIZATION table. Hope you have commited the transaction after inserting the records to each table.

Also check the database schema is correct or not.

Rows in ACT_RU_AUTHORIZATION are necessary in order to grant the rights to access cockpit, etc.