Create Maven project failed, stuck at 33%

I’m following youtube instruction, the catalog added successfully, however I create camunda maven project it stuck at 33%, tried both servlet and spring boot both same.
I’m tried 2 archtype (7.17 and 7.18)
Tutorial: Camunda Enterprise Edition for Java Developers (Video 2) - YouTube and
Maven Project Templates (Archetypes) |

Can anyone help?

Can you provide your project? And/Or the exit message of maven?

Project not event created, it stuck as below image and no error msg.

*im using fresh install eclipse 2202-09 + macosx

I am with the same problelm.

I was able to resolve this by unchecking this

Thanks, I am facing the same but after unchecking the " run archetype generation interactively" issue was solved

Thanks , issue resolved by unchecking “run archetype generation interactively”.