Create programatically process engine for each tenant

I ve searched in REST documentation and I didn’t find a way to create a new engine and tenant. I ve checked the tutorial which is a very good one, but relays on processes.xml. Is it possible to create a new engine+tenant dynamically through rest?

@bbanchev did you look at: ?

Are you looking to create multi-tenant on a single engine or one engine per-tenant?

One Engine Per tenant is a more complicated setup:

Yes, this is exactly what I want - one engine per tenant, but i am wondering if this is possible with rest service or some automated method. I will take a deeper look at the page you ve provided.

You are probably better off creating a script and wrap the script in a web service call, to handle this. There are lots of variations based on your specific camunda setup and multi-tenant configuration needs.

Ok, thank you for the information. It might be a good feature if you provide such functionally in feature releases.

I ve managed to create a new engine using the Wildfy CLI and the Wildfly Java API.