Create subproces from existing flow

Hi there,

What is an easy way to create a subproces from an existing flow of tasks/activities?
Sometimes I find myself wanting to make a subproces afterwards, but the prospect of remodelling stuff again is somewhat annoying :sweat:

I wish there was an option to lasso a bunch of tasks and right click on it and select ‘create subproces’.
How do you guys handle this?


I think it is possible to some extent? The toolbar has a “lasso” tool to select multiple objects. SHIFT-clicking multiple items should work as well. With the selection at hand Copy & Paste into a selected subprocess works well for me.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I do it as well. The only downside is that I have to copy all the items and then delete the items and then create a subprocess and paste the copied items in there. During this process all my connection to other pools and lanes get deleted as well. Do you have this problem as well?
Thanks for your anwer!!

I guess there is no way around it. The only thing I would advise here is to c&p before you begin to delete anything in the existing process so you keep some overview of the required changes.