Create / update process instance variable

Through API i have start the process ( /start api) . http://localhost:8084/engine-rest/process-definition/key/my_work_flow_1/start through POST. after sending it is returning some JSON output.

“id”: “70ef1fb8-1d71-11e9-8ca0-36e12d236973”,
“name”: “L2-Approve”,
“assignee”: null,
“created”: “2019-01-21T17:11:07.000+0530”,
“due”: null,
“followUp”: null,
“delegationState”: null,
“description”: null,
“executionId”: “b952afee-1d6f-11e9-8ca0-36e12d236973”,
“owner”: null,
“parentTaskId”: null,
“priority”: 50,
“processDefinitionId”: “my_workflow_2:1:0724fa61-1d6f-11e9-8ca0-36e12d236973”,
“processInstanceId”: “b952afee-1d6f-11e9-8ca0-36e12d236973”,
“taskDefinitionKey”: “Task_1pxlhv8”,
“caseExecutionId”: null,
“caseInstanceId”: null,
“caseDefinitionId”: null,
“suspended”: false,
“formKey”: null,
“tenantId”: null
Question is

  1. How can i add new variable , like project_id?
  2. how to update existing field ? like tenantid, assignee, owner … while calling /start api

Hi @Learn_Hadoop,

you can pass variables in the payload:

These variables can be used in expressions to get an assignee or owner.

The tenantId has to be an different path parameter:

Cheers, Ingo

Hope this