createdOn, createdAfter, createdBefore query parameters of GET /task rest API is not working

Hi All,

query parameters of " http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/task " which is a GET api end point with date parameters are not working, getting error.

Error says:
“type”: “InvalidRequestException”,
“message”: “Cannot set query parameter ‘createdOn’ to value ‘2021-07-20T05:47:58.858 0000’: Cannot convert value "2021-07-20T05:47:58.858 0000" to java type java.util.Date”

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Hi, were you able to solve your problem? I’m also having this issue.

The + is a reserved character in URL addresses which gets converted to space by the webserver. That’s why you can see the space before the TZ Offset in the error message.
OP almost certainly sent a URL like 2021-07-20T05:47:58.858+0000
The + needs to be encoded as %2B and then it will get passed correctly to Camunda.
specifically the URL that is called needs to look like 2021-07-20T05:47:58.858%2B0000