Creating a pipeline during runtime


Can I create a pipeline using different external tasks which are uploaded as different processes?

For example:
I have different external tasks which are uploaded as different processes.
Some of the externals tasks for example(A photo editing tool) can be -
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Sharpness, Ambience.

In my application I will select only Brightness, Saturation and Warmth.
My final pipeline should be something like -


How to achieve this?

As of now I am executing those external tasks individually in different process.
What I want to do is to create a pipeline and execute the pipeline rather than individually executing the task. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Let me know if more explanation or BPMN diagram is required to explain the issue better.

Hey @vikascpatil ,

Yes it would be helpful if you could share your process model. As far as I understand your problem now it could be solved with using multiple XOR gateways: XOR-example.bpmn (19.0 KB)

I assume that the adjustments of the photo can’t happen in parallel right?
If it could be done in parallel the OR gateway would work too: OR-example.bpmn (10.8 KB)

I hope that helps

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Thanks for the suggestion.
In our use case, we cannot define a model during design time in BPMN because,
we wouldn’t be knowing the sequence and tasks that are coming into action.
So we are looking out for an option to sequence and run the external tasks during run time.
Basically, we want to create the model diagram during run time.
Is that possible?

Hey @vikascpatil ,

You could have an external task that builds the model. You could use the Model API, the next external task worker can deploy the process model and then the next task could be a call activity that calls the deployed model from the step before.

But here is my big concern about it: The general idea of a workflow engine is to execute and manage the state for reusable and predictable process models. Your example sounds not like this. So I am wondering if using Camunda here really makes sense.

I hope this helps

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