Creating and usage of User/Groups in Java

Hi all,

for a testapplication i need to create users. My application is just for a universitytask. Since i´m new to camunda developement there could be a better way to solve my problem. Feel free to show me other ways but i´m very restricted altering the process. The following is my approach.

The Process starts through an incoming request(form). An ServiceTask now matches the request with service providers that provide the certain service and returns a LinkedList of posible providers as a variable. The next Service Task starts Process Instances of another Process called “Apply-Process”. Each Process Instance is delegated to a certain service Provider using the LinkedList*.

*I don´t think it´s possible to delegate a Process instance to a User. But it should be possible to start the process -> get the ProcessInstance -> call the taskservice -> get a certain task -> forward it to a certrain user

As i said, this process is a Demo and it should run on any device that starts it. I will reinject data(for example service provider data into a database) everytime the service is started as a hard reset.

  1. To do it consistently i also want to create the users every time i start the engine.
  2. I need to bind a task in another ProcessInstance not knowning its ID to a User that has to be created while running the Process.

Approach: Use IdentityService.newUser("serviceProvider##") & save to create users.
Use IdentityService.newGroup("serviceProviders") to create group.
Use IdentityService.createMembership("serviceProvider##", "serviceProviders") to append user to the group
Use processEngine(), ProcessInstance and taskService to glue a user to a task

is this right? is it enough?

Thanks for help.

Hi @s0561355,

have a look into the invoice example:

You can generate Users or Groups in a JavaDelegate or ExecutionListener as well.

Cheers, Ingo

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Thanks! That´ll be helpfull:grinning: