Creating backup flowcharts using Camunda


I am new here and in general I am new in creating business processes. I am tasked from my supervisor to create processes in our business, regarding managing backup processes. For example, if a certain step of our daily tasks encounters issues (internal or external) there might be 2-5 different things that we may need to do to address it, depending of the issue, which in extent may lead to another 2-5 different outcomes and measures to be taken. We have several different daily tasks, several things that could go wrong, and several documented solutions for each eventuality.

What I would like to do is create an interactive flowchart (BPMN/DMN if I understand correctly) that would help us to easily find the processes that would help us fix any possible issue (this would include sending standardized emails, quick fixes in our systems etc.). The way I imagine it to work is this: In case an issue occurs the flowchart created will help me quickly find the relevant procedure for fixing the issue while also maybe in the push of a button it could create the email needed to be sent while also making it easy to transfer me to related procedures if needed.

I hope I am not extremely vague in my above descriptions but any advise would be appreciated regarding Camunda solutions applying to what I need to create.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to the forums!

I think that BPMN is a great format for documenting a process like this, because it sounds like it’s a very manual process today, which you might want to someday automate. This is usually the mindset that I try to tell people to get into: If the work was being done manually, how would the steps go?

After each of the tasks in your backup process, you can put an exclusive gateway to check what the outcome of the prior step was, and take corrective (or even repetitive) steps to resolve the issue.
Another option is to include expected error events on the task (expected error: “Tape is full”, expected behavior: Stop backup, insert new tape, start backup).

The other nice thing about BPMN for this is that you can update the process without much fuss. It helps you identify the agreed interfaces (messages to different teams, structured emails, etc), which can be moved within the process as your process evolves.

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