Creating image links in embadded forms

Hello there!
I am trying to use a link to display a previously uploaded image in a new tab according to this

<div class="col-md-3">
        <label>Фото дома</label>
        <input type="hidden" cam-variable-name="housePhoto" />
        <a href="{{ camForm.variableManager.variable('housePhoto').contentUrl }}"  target="_blank" >фото</a>

The issue it that: the file which is stored in “housePhoto” variable starts to download automatically by clicking on the link.
Is there any chance to open the image in new tab without downloading it?
Any help would be appreciated!

The content url that is generated essentially leverages the Get Task Variable (Binary) API. According to the docs, Content-Disposition is always going to be set to attachment. So opening the file this way is going to result in downloading the file, like you saw. If displaying the image in the form itself doesn’t suit your needs, I’m afraid you’ll probably have to get creative (e.g., either serve the file yourself where you control the headers or leverage some javascript to download the file first, keeping in mind your images could be large).

Check out this plugin to use formio

You can upload as described in the readme and then can display using a image component.

See the field prepopulation feature to auto grab the base64 of the image.