Creation of radio buttons using input data variable

Hi, I’m trying to create radio buttons in dynamic way i.e. through input data. Can you help me with getting started on it?

Hey @tejal.chaware1 & welcome to the Camunda Community! :partying_face:
I am actually not aware of the possibility to create radio buttons in a dynamic way in Camunda Platform 8 / Forms-js. :confused:
If you use your own tasklist on top I am sure there a couple of possibilities to achieve this. :slight_smile:


I understand that your usecase is having multiple values in a variable and based on that variable, you want to populate the radio button in runtime. I am currently using Camunda 8.2.8 in self managed version, and using my desktop modeler I am able to accomplish this.

  1. For dynamically populating, the value of the binding key should be a list of simple values, so, here in order to acheive that I have deployed the DMN which will output multiple values (I have used COLLECT hit policy and the input will match with multiple rules).
  2. I pass this value to the form field where I have to choose the “Input Data” in options source. And under the dynamic options, I give output variable of the DMN in the “Input values key”.
  3. I copy the form JSON and bind it to the user task.
  4. I deploy the BPMN and start the instance with {“input”:“greet”} to match the rules of the DMN.
  5. Moving forward in the tasklist, we will be able to see the radio buttons rendered as follows…
    I hope this meets your requirement. Here are the BPMN and DMN files that I used.

greet.bpmn (3.8 KB)
greet.dmn (2.7 KB)