Creation of simple user task Programatically

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I have implement the java code base to create a simple process with one user Task to that I have refers that documentation has published on Camunda Docs. I’ve successfully build the code base and also run and created the Camunda diagram,

My question is that created diagram not displays when we add the diagram to the Camunda cloud modeler?

If you created the BPMN model using the java model api it does not generate the diagram interchange section of the model. This is usually because it’s not needed by the engine to run it. Because this information is missing the modeler doesn’t know how to display it.

Hi Niall,

there is any option to correct it?

I have correctly followed the Camunda Docs. I have refers from this link Create a Model |

Is there a reason why you’re not using the modeler to create the model?

Yeah, My client gives me this requirement?

There are ways to auto-generate the DI section of the BPMN model.
It was discussed over in the forum :slight_smile:

Generate BPMN diagram on importing file without <bpmndi:BPMNDiagram> part - Developers - Forum -

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Ok Niall thanks for the quick response

Hey Naill,

I have build the diagram with codebase with Camunda Fluent APIs , but the thing is we cant start the process after we deploy the diagram to the server, do you guys have any solutions for that.

Can you show you code and the bpmn file?

You can also try this utility to create the diagram:

It works with BPMN files without diagram info. It was initially built to convert IBM BPM files but it will work with other BPMN files


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