CSV to DMN Converter

Hi Camunda Community.

We’d like to share with you a project we developed recently.
The goal of this project is to provide a Java library for conversion between CSV files and DMN tables. This is a round trip converter.

We thought of publishing this with the idea of adding value to your projects. A step closer to automating business decisions.

Why this tool:

1) A complementary tool for your DMN needs.
Searching within Camunda Forum with keywords, “dmn”, “excel”, and “csv”. The results are not completely related to DMN conversion.
Sames goes for a similar search in your favourite search engine.
There is only one project/converter for Excel files (camunda-dmn-xlsx converter), so here we are to expand the possibilities.

2) Added usability.
Our plugin converts CSV values into DMN tables, using a pre-set format to create any kind of DMN tables without hassle. That is, we have few more options for improved conversion. This allows the user to use the tool in no time. The predefined format improves the cell formatting/transformation for any data type.

3) Base project for your ideas.
We know that tools can always be improved, but we know as well, there are other variables (time, budget, etc.) this results in a project being limited and targeted. But hey you can fork this tool and adapt it to your needs or the needs of your analysts.

4) Support for existing solutions.
It is very possible that in some business projects, some rules already exist in the form of CSV files (or Excel files for the same matter), then think no more, use the project.

If you want to know more, please check the tool out here:

Best !


Very useful tool!
Thanks for sharing

Very nice tool and easy to use. A few minor bugs, such as not actually populating the Expression fields for the inputs (so I have to go in and do this manually for each input after conversion), and dropping the first character of the Id. Any plans to continue or expand this? Seems that this sort of thing should be a standard Camunda plug-in
Thanks for creating it