Custom API with authentication

Hello! In my spring boot camunda app i have rest controller on endpoint /api/dictionary/counterparty

I try call him from Embeded form and it work good!

	    method: 'GET',
		url: '/api/dictionary/counterparty',
	}).then(function successCallback(response) { {
            counterparties.push(new Option( + " - " + value.manager,, false));
	},function errorCallback(response) {

But i can’t add authentication for this solution.
I try add: Authorization for Camunda REST API but on call rest i get window for input login and password.
I try move end point to camunda/api/dictionary/counterparty but it didn’t work.
I tried many more things, but nothing worked.

Help me please


If you create a custom API in your springboot app, you will need to add authentication to that API within your springboot app. Ive found these a good source of springboot tutorials… This tutorial is probably closest to the architecture your are trying to achieve…