Custom http-connector and dynamic url value


How can i build a custom http-connector with base URL + path from the connector’s url variable in the Modeler ?

My goal:

  • Don’t have any base url (host, port, …) in the Modeler
  • Don’t retrieve this values from process’s variables
  • Have on custom http-connector for each api i need to call and only typing the sub path in the Modeler
  • Set my static custom http headers in my custom http connector


  • Custom http-connector for let’s say my “article api” with the base api path (url, port, …)
  • Need to get all articles => in the Modeler, url value for my custom connector id would be “/articles”

I already saw this doc : Extending Connect |

I create class with extends HttpConnectorImpl + provider with implements HttpConnectorProvider and update META-INF/services/org.camunda.connect.spi.ConnectorProvider file.

I can use my custom connector.

But how can i change the url (must be : base url + sub path from the Modeler) in my custom connector ?
May be i just need to provide connector configuration ?

Thanks !

Any help ?

Thanks !