Custom REST Api via PLugin

Good Day! Im using Camunda 7.15.0 and I have some missunderstandig about creating custom REST api methods.

I have a few plugin that implenets JavaDelegate and ProcessEnginePlugin. Im serving my Camunda with Tomcat. Have I any solutions for creating cutom rest-api service without starting one more webb-app? I want to add some endpoint to /engine-rest. Also I dont really want to customize engine-rest package.

I already tried it with CamundaJerseyResourceConfig but I dont understand how it should works.

I tried solution in this question, but I dont understand how I should add it to my bpm_platform.xml or where it should be registered?

I hope somebody can help me with it. Thank you

Hi @RomanH98,

you can embed the Camunda Rest classes into your own API to customize it.

Take a look at the docs for further details: Embed the API |

Hope this helps, Ingo

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