Custom SSO Integration with Camunda


I’m trying to integrate our hosted Spring Boot Camunda with our company’s SSO solution. The way our SSO solution works is this:

  1. User is sent to a SSO portal where they login with corporate credentials and complete MFA.
  2. User is redirected to final endpoint with 2 request parameters.
  3. The request parameters need to be decrypted using a shared key in code to get the user id.

In the current configuration, the SSO portal redirects the request to /app. I’m using the ContainerBasedAuthenticationProvider example from Camunda. However, instead of Spring Security Context, I need to get the context from request parameters. But I’m not getting these parameters in the request parameter at all.


  1. SSO to /app -> parameters are present
  2. /app redirects to /app/default/welcome -> parameters are not present

I’m not able to proceed due to this. Can anyone please help?

Other Approaches:

  1. I used a custom Authentication filter to auto login the user after parsing the request parameters in /app. This works in my local setup but doesn’t work on the cloud.

@siben_nayak was there any progress on this ? since i too need a feature like yours


I changed the redirection URL from our SSO provider to /app/default/welcome and it started working.

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Thanks a lot for adding the solution :slight_smile: