Custom Tasklist implementation. How to assign/unassign user tasks

Hi guys. I started to evaluate Camunda 8 and did a small sample application with 2 business processes. This works fine so far but I have a question related to the tasklist. Like in the “zeebe-simple-tasklist” example I registered to Hazelcast cache and listen to events. I persist the event information in the database and with that I am able to build a simple API to query for example user task information.
What I don´t understand is how I can assign/unassign a user task directly in the engine. I mean in the “zeebe-simple-tasklist” example the assignment is only done in the database but I search a way to set this information directly in the engine.

Could you please let me know how to do this?

@gizmo1177 welcome to the forums! If you need to assign the tasks to users within Tasklist, rather than just your own implementation, you can use the Tasklist REST or GraphQL API’s to handle that.

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If you are using the Tasklist application, then you claim the task via the API.

If you are not using SaaS or the complete Self-Managed stack, then you implement the entire User Task lifecycle yourself. User tasks are JAET - Just Another External Task - with a specific task type that your worker should poll.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

hey bro, did you have any ideas or solutions to solve your questions?