Custome directives and filters in plugin

Hi folks ,

I could like to know whether its possible to add custom directives and filters in camunda plugin .

I have created a plugin in tasklist.navbar.action where it shows a model window.I would like to add custom filters and directive to work with pagination

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Hi Ajr,

This seems to me like a Angular.js related thing (but if it isn’t, feel free to give some more detailed information)

Am not an expert in angular js… From what i read we can only create directives to a particular module. For that we need app name… So when i dig through the source i can’t find any such app name… (May be am not familiar with angular)

Above question is asked based on plugin. I have changed my idea from plugin to fork source code. I have done my requirement but having some issue with pagination… For that i want some custom filters and directives .

Stuck with how i can add custom directives and filters to camunda(Forking Source code)


Unfortunately, these doesn’t help understanding clearly what you try to achieve (but I strongly suspect that it’s out of the Camunda scope).

I hope you will understand that it’s also almost impossible to give advices on a fork (as we cannot see the changes you did).

Good luck with Angular.js.

@vale I can understand the difficulty…

Actually what i did was to list all process Instance status in a table (Listing some variable, Start Time ,EndTime,Status and Current Assignee if not completed) Once user click a particular instance he can view its Task timeline one by one(When it start , when it completed and who was completed kind of information)…Everything is listed as table. I have added search boxes to search over the list…

I have given a pagination in which the data is sliced and pass to current page.So when i search over the list it will only affecting the current page(Since i have sliced the data). Inorder to search over entire data i need to have some custom filters. So i dont know how i can add custom filters in camunda.