Customization of forms in tasklist

When using the task list it is possible to define camunda forms that are fed with process variables and can manipulate those process variables.

A nice extension would be to retrieve contextual information for the form when it is loaded. That could then load information by calling a rest endpoint for example. Or when it can only be done via process variables, it would be a requirement to ‘refresh’ them when opening the form; so we do not present outdated information to the employee using the form. I would prefer however to not use solely the process variables for the input of the form.

How is this supported on Camunda 8 and how would the call the fetch the information secured? Or is there another proposed way of working to achieve these up-to-date information items in the form.


anyone? please.

Hi @Patrick, thanks for reaching out

Unfortunately, I think what you describe is not possible at the moment. There are no listeners that can be used when a form is opened in Tasklist.

You’d have to create your custom Tasklist for that purpose. I will bring this request to the team!

Hi @Niklas_Kiefer ,

Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to its follow-up :slight_smile: .

Happy to think along if you want to. Although I do not see an easy and secure solution immediately. Only perhaps to use something like a non interrupting escalation boundary event handler on the user activity that uses the form; which refreshes the state in the process variables.
In the form design, you could configure the escalation event to use to refresh the state in the process variables. That may work, but has a lot of cons also. Like sharing the transient state via the process.

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