Customized tasklist with camunda-spring-boot


I tried to change color and logo according to:
user-styles.css has to be here: app/tasklist/styles/user-styles.css
T his matches to the example on github: \camunda\camunda-consulting-master\snippets\camunda-webapp-customized\src\main\webapp\app\tasklist\styles\user-styles.css

I tried to do so for my project:
camundaExampleStandalone\src\main\webapp\app\tasklist\styles\user-styles.css but nothing changed for me.
When I watch in chrome developer I see a user-styles.css ist loaded but it’s not mine:

http://localhost:8080/app/tasklist/styles/user-styles.css does not load only
http://localhost:8080/app/tasklist/styles/user-styles.css?bust=7.5.0 with outcommented selectors.

…oh wait…issue is solved… :unamused:
Of cource my \src\main\webapp needs to be a source folder ;-). Now the css is loaded: http://localhost:8080/app/tasklist/styles/user-styles.cs
I just post it anyway in case somebody else is running into this “issue”.


Thanks for sharing the solution :slight_smile:

I tried by putting a modified copy of user-styles.css under below folder but it doesn’t seems to work

Can you share the exact details?

looks like your path is wrong.
Should be app/tasklist/styles/ instead of static/tasklist/styles

The path specified above didn’t work for me (I’m a rookie and not sure exactly why, but perhaps things changed in a subsequent version of spring boot), but following the instructions from this example and adding it here did:


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