Data encryption or encoding in the workflow itself


I want to know whether it is possible to either encrypt or encode some payload in the workflow itself before calling an API.

I know that it is possible to define a service task and assign the service to perform it. But I want to know whether it is possible within the workflow itself.

Hello Chalindu,

At this moment, I do not see a way to do it without the usage of a Script Task or Service Task with a Job Worker doing it for you in the background.


@dmerchang Could you explain what is this service task? is it something that runs inside Zeebe? or is it an endpoint in a micro service deployed in our side? I read your documentation. But couldn’t understand it completely.


Camunda 8 and Zeebe Engine just are responsible of the workflow orchestration and to queue jobs in the Zeebe Engine. It will not perform any custom code or logic.

(Omitting Connections for now)

Service Tasks and Script Tasks (configured as Job Worker) queues jobs of a certain jobType. You need to develop your own Microservices which will consume the jobs queued by Zeebe and do the actual work.

These Microservices follows the same deployment patterns as every other Microservices you may have implemented in your experience.

You can dockerize them, deploy them in AWS, GCP or your infrastructure. The only condition is that they need to be able to reach your Zeebe gateway in your Zeebe Cluster.

I hope this clarifies.

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But I can see that script tasks can be used to write some custom logic using FEEL to run inside the Zeebe itself without waiting for an external worker to process the task.

Am I correct? So we have to write the script in FEEL. Could you provide more insight?