Data Plugin

Hi all - Happy Monday! I recently posted a new video on our data plugins for Camunda modeler. You can click here to watch, and I’ve added the description below for a quick synopsis. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

YouTube Description:

Dive into the essentials of BPMN workflow enhancement with a tutorial presented by Max Young, CEO of CapBPM, on a notable free, open-source data plugin. This tutorial provides a clear roadmap for integrating this tool into the Camunda BPM system, focusing on its capabilities to elevate data visualization and management within business processes.

Max outlines the integration steps, aiming to make the process accessible for users at different levels of expertise.The tutorial further explores the practical benefits of the plugin, particularly its role in clarifying data flow between different stages of business processes. Max shares insights on how to effectively use the plugin to streamline business operations, support better decision-making, and encourage teamwork.

Click here to learn more about our Data plugin.