Dates in DMN


I want to evaluate few conditions and get a specific date in output of my DMN table.
For example-
Input1- winter
Input2- amsterdam

should yield the output as “present date + 3 months” .

How can I evaluate such conditions relating date in DMN. Any leads wil be very helpful.

Hi @bingo,

please have a look at the related posts:

Does this help you?
If not then please provide more details (e.g. a complete DMN decision table).

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler I am attaching the sample DMN table that I want to execute.

In the output I want several date functions against cancellation codes such as

  • present date
    -3 years from today

Can you suggest me the method without using FEELScala extension ? Any help will be very helpful

Hi @bingo,

you can use the function dateTime() which returns the current date-time as JodaTime object. For example:


Does this help you?

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I tried giving string as output type and giving now() [JUEL expression] as the cellinput. It works !! I tried using dateTime().plusYears(3) . It also works

But now I am stuck while applying date functions to following conditions .

  • Last day of the current Month minus 3 Month
  • Last day of the current Month minus 12Month
  • First Day of next month
  • Last day of the current Month minus 6 Month

The last day of the current month can be solved by dateTime().dayOfMonth().withMaximumValue().


can be written as dateTime().dayOfMonth().withMaximumValue().minusMonths(3).

You can find more details in the documentation:


Thank You . :slight_smile: