DB sync facility in Camunda

A newbie assessing Camunda tool.
I see that Camunda supports containerization. Few queries around that.

How does the recovery handled if a pod running with Camunda Workflow Engine goes down?
Is it possible to sync the data from the DB used by Camunda with another DB (Bi-directional replication)?

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

you can just restart the pod and he can continue. Every state the engine has is saved to the database transactional. So every state is valid.

Why would you like to replicate the data between databases?

If you think about clustering, you can connect multiple engines to the same database. Reason is also here the usage of transactions.

I hope this helps


Hi @jonathan.lukas ,

A second database will be helpful if we encounter a issue with the first one. So how will we recover if the first DB goes down?
Is there any better solution.

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

as we have JDBC in place and provide compatibility with all common RDBMS products in the market, my first advice would be to look there.

I have for example run a software using camunda that relied on a postgresql db. This database was snapshotted in a common cycle to preserve data loss and corrupted data.

If you really need a distributed database, please have a look at cockroach.

Please keep in mind that this comes with the described downsides as well.

If you need a multi-region active-active process engine, I would advice you to look at Camunda 8. It is cloud-native and relies on clustering and event stream processing while having a distributed state.

I hope this helps